Whale Shark

Whale Shark

A beautiful handmade depiction of a Whale Shark swimming in shallow water. The Whale Shark is made from a piece of cut, shaped and painted water colour paper.


There is also a unique layer between the viewer and the object, on to which a transparent rippled wave effect has been applied. This layer lenses the light and produces gentle wave patterns on the whale shark and background. Please see "Dimensions and Construction" below for more detail on this layer.


This comes set in a crisp and modern white box frame that can be desk or wall mounted and comes with free delivery.


Richard Danson has carefully designed each piece, cutting and assembling them at his home in Nairn (Scotland).


Note: Images are taken fully glazed so the light pattern can be produced, this means there may be some glare and reflections in the images. The colours and tones of the physical items may vary compared to digital or printed images.

  • Dimensions and Construction

    The Whale shark is made from two pieces of cut paper, which are then shaped, painted and sealed by hand. Foam pads are used to space the piece to add an additional sense of depth.


    The wave effect, held just behind the glass in the frame, is produced using a technique I have developed myself, and is unique to each piece. The pattern lenses light on to the subject and background in order to create the wave pattern. As such it works best if it is near to a point light source (such as a lamp or light). I would advise customers to test the effect in different spots to see what works best in your home.


    This crisp and modern white picture frame is made from strong acrylic with a glass face. It has a standing arm for displaying on a desk which folds away when wall hanging.


    Overall Frame Dimensions: Height: 22.5cm Width: 27.5cm Depth: 3.5cm


    Visible Image Size: Height: 14.5cm Width: 19.5cm



  • Delivery

    These are sent with free delivery to UK addresses using Royal Mail.


    This is not available to non-UK customers.


    See Terms and Conditions for more detail.

  • Marine Life Series

    A series of artworks depicting Marine Life. These use various paper craft techniques to bring a sense of depth and animation to the pieces. I also make use of a unique wave effect light pattern I have developed to add more interest to each piece.


    Currently the pieces available are:

    • Whale Shark