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Flock of Knots

A beautiful handmade depiction of a flock of knots. Each layer in the picture is separated by a small gap to provide a sense of movement and depth to the piece.


Knots return to Nairn every year and are mesmirising to watch as they gather in large flocks. When startled whole flocks will murmer like starlings. This depiction captures them wading at the edge of the water.


This comes set in a crisp and modern white box frame that can be desk or wall mounted and comes with free delivery.


Richard Danson has carefully designed each piece, cutting and assembling them at his home in Nairn (Scotland).


Note: Images are taken with and without frames to avoid glare and give different views of the products. The colours and tones of the physical items may vary compared to digital or printed images.

  • Dimensions and Construction

    The art is mainly constructed from cut card carefully glued together by hand. The layers are spaced using card or foam pads to add an additional sense of depth.


    This crisp and modern white picture frame is made from strong acrylic with a glass face. It has a standing arm for displaying on a desk which folds away when wall hanging.


    Overall Frame Dimensions: Height: 22.5cm Width: 27.5cm Depth: 3.5cm


    Visible Image Size: Height: 14.5cm Width: 19.5cm



  • Delivery

    These are sent with free delivery to UK addresses using Royal Mail.


    This is not available to non-UK customers.


    See Terms and Conditions for more detail.