ABOUT - Richard Danson

I grew up in the Peak District and now live in Nairn (a beautiful coastal town in Northern Scotland), and so I have spent most of my life surrounded by nature. When I was young my family was always quite creative; be it dressing the house, or lamp posts, for carnival day, running craft activities for children, or creating well dressings. As such I have always had a love of art, especially art you have to physically sculpt. 


Since the beginning of 2017 I have merged three of my loves: Art, Nature and my new child. I wanted to work flexibly so that I could help raise my little boy; and I also wanted to showcase aspects of British wildlife that I, and my family, enjoy watching.


I have designed each piece and build them in my home in Nairn. My aim is to create art that people want to buy; I hope I have succeeded and you find something you like today. I am on Facebook and I would love for you to like and follow my creations there.


As a final note I better thank my wife. Not only has she put up with the stress of going on this adventure (whilst on maternity leave), she also has to pick the card colours for me as I am colour blind.